Exam Policy and Regulations

Conduct for Taking Comprehensive Examinations


  1. Students must leave all papers, notes, books and outer clothing (e.g. coats, jackets, sweaters, hats, etc.) outside of the examination room.  All personal items must be placed in the front of, or against the wall in the examination room.  Handbags should be secured prior to the examination.


  1. After entering the examination room, all “borrowing” is prohibited.


  1. Calculator covers, hats, water bottles, soft drinks and food are prohibited in the examination rooms. 


  1. The SOA Academy prohibits bringing cell phones to examinations.  After entering the examination room, using a cell phone, and/or any electronic device, that can be used for recording, communicating, or transmitting any examination material, shall be considered to be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct (appears later in this document).


  1. Students requesting special testing accommodations (e.g. physical disabilities) must submit a request in writing to SOA Academy who will intern write to the Dean of student affairs, Salus University . Upon a decision, the Dean of Student Affairs or his/her designee will notify the instructor of record about any approved testing accommodation.  All requests for accommodation must be made at least one month prior to the scheduled examination for which testing accommodation is being sought.


  1. After completing an examination, students are expected to leave the examination area.  Students congregating outside of the examination area are a distraction for students still testing.


  1. Students will be asked to sign in upon arrival at the examination site.  They will be assigned a seat for all examinations.  Seat assignments may be posted prior to examinations.  Proctors will strictly enforce the seating chart. Students not in their proper seat are at risk for dismissal from the examination.  During the exam, all students must have their legal photograph identification face up on the desk in front of them for periodic proctor inspection.  All students will be asked to initial the proctor’s seating chart to verify attendance at the examination session.


  1. In order to attain optimal test administration conditions, proctors – at their discretion – may change any student’s seat in order to minimize or eliminate environmental disruptions or annoyances, including but not limited to noise, a poor writing surface, ineffective lighting and potential collaboration.  Students should not interpret a requested seat change as harassment or an accusation of cheating.


9. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats and prepared to begin the examination promptly at the predetermined starting time.  Students arriving after the start of the examination, but prior to the first student leaving the examination, will be admitted to the examination; however, the testing period will not be extended.  (No student will be admitted to take an exam after 20 minutes of the start of the exam.)


10. Conversation, transmission or solicitation of any information between students, regardless of its nature, is forbidden, and will result in dismissal from the examination. Such behavior may be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.


11. Proctors will monitor examinations at all times.


12. Written instructions for the examination will be provided.


13. The interpretation of all examination items is the responsibility of the student.


    • At no time should a proctor attempt to clarify/interpret a test item for a student or the class as a whole.
    • The proctor will keep a non-medical dictionary (English/home-country language) at the front of the examination room.  Students may raise their hands, approach the proctor with the word they wish to search, and do so under the proctor’s supervision. 
    • If a typographical error, (e.g. spelling) is noted, clarification can be made to the entire class.  However, once the first student has left the examination room, no clarifications are permitted.
    • If a student wishes to challenge the validity of a test item, he/she should communicate the problem with the test item in writing while in the examination room.  He/she should write the test question number and reason for challenge on the Scantron form – on the free lines provided on the side labeled “Student Enrollment Sheet.”   The Examination Board will review the challenge, determine the validity of the test item challenged, and appropriately proceed.


14. No examination material may leave the examination room.  All items – examination questions, Scantron sheets and pencils – must be submitted to the proctors once each student finishes the test.


  • Each student should place his/her name on the front page of the examination questions and complete the Scantron sheet with his/her name.  There must be a corresponding exam and answer sheet for each student at the end of the test.


Infractions of the Conduct for Taking Comprehensive Examinations are considered serious offenses. Students guilty of infractions will be penalized in an appropriate manner, including the possibility of expulsion from the Academy.


Instructions for Completing Comprehensive Examination Answer Form (Scantron Sheet)




The proctor will advise the students of the following steps to complete the Exam Answer Form (Scantron Sheet). 


All students should follow these guidelines:


  1. Each student will receive a pre-labeled Scantron Sheet and examination with his/her name listed on the front.


  1. Students should follow the Marking Instructions listed in the upper left-hand corner of the Scantron Sheet.  It is imperative that the students use the supplied pencils, completely fill the oval corresponding to the correct answer, and erase any extraneous marks.


  1. Front sheet – students must fill in the answers to each question.  They should make sure the number of the exam question matches the number on the Scantron Sheet when they are providing their answers.


  1. Back sheet – students must complete the following information under the Student Enrollment Sheet:


    1. ID Number (same number as the ID number listed on the front of the Scantron Sheet) – Write in the number and fill in the corresponding oval in each column.
    2. Last name – Print your surname and fill in the corresponding oval in each column.
    3. First name – Print your given name and fill in the corresponding oval in each column.


  1. Students must use a #2 pencil only.


  1. All questions on the exam are multiple-choice.  The questions will include 2 to 5 possible answers.  The possible answers will be marked as a, b, c, d and e.  The students are to fill in only one answer per question by using the #2 pencil and completely filling in the oval that corresponds with the correct answer.